Say What You Mean And Mean What You Say

With our new home, our lovely prior tenants decided to leave us with a few “friends” and a ton of trash. Through our agents, they asked if we wanted a storage shelf in the garage. Well, duh! haha… I’m a scavenger at heart and I’ll take just about anything I can get my hands on if I think it has any potential to be useful. I laughed and told my boyfriend to tell them that they can leave anything they don’t want to take with them. Apparently, Mr. Everything’s-A-Joke took me literally. AND so did our agent. We got the house with random stuff left all over. Ready for this?

10 gallons of paint – all partially used
about 20 pieces of fencing – some cut
a hurricane lamp
two large boxes of books
a bag of really large clothing
three boxes of honest-to-goodness trash
random 12″x12″ tile
several pieces of corningware
old coffee
a windchime
some dead plants in hanging planters
a broken lawn chair
a broken plastic table
a rusted candle holder
an unused faucet for the bathroom
TONS of toothbrushes that were obviously used
old makeup
roofing material including tar paper
tons of spiders
dead bugs in a sheet hanging from the garage ceiling
a dead baby bird that had definitely been there awhile
mold in the bathrooms
termites and black widows in the woodpile.

HA!  At least I have plenty of stuff to play with.  🙂  I’m sure that I’ll be able to upcycle just about everything they left (minus the dead critters).  Wish me luck!!!


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