Removing Vinyl Flooring and Laying a New Floor – Part 2

The next evening, I had given up on the whole idea of ironing the floor.  I decided that I would much rather deal with chemical strippers.  After putting the dogs outside, I tried a “green” floor stripper.  We let it sit for a little over an hour and realized that it didn’t do a thing.  It wet the paper backing pretty well, but it really didn’t touch the adhesive.  Back to the iron.  

After revealing the seam where they butted together the sheets of the subfloor, we realized that this floor was not solid wood.  They had used a particle board and the previous floor covering had done some serious damage.  There were huge sections where the top layer of board peeled off with the backing.  Particle board is literally just that.  It is a board made up of wood particles pressed together and held with an adhesive.  They chose to staple the flooring down in several locations and moisture had reached yet other sections.  Again, we had a cross-roads.  Should we stop and replace the subfloor or patch the existing subfloor?  We don’t have the money to replace the subfloor and we need to have a floor in the kitchen.  So, we decided to buy wood filler to patch the spots that had weakened.  I was concerned about mold growth, so we continued removing the backing until we couldn’t see straight anymore and I decided that I would give it one more night to air out before we patch and lay the floor.

Another almost midnight evening and we called it quits.  I did, however, leave the solution on a section of backing that we didn’t pull off  so that we could see what would happen overnight.  The next morning, there was absolutely no difference. 😦


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