Removing Vinyl Flooring and Laying a New Floor – Part 3

The third night, we had just a little bit of the floor left to pull up.  I let my friend do that while I sprayed bleach-water all over the floor and cleaned up the strips of paper.  I took a putty knife and firm-bristled brush to stripped floor and picked off any of the particle board that wasn’t 100% commited to its brothers.  Then, I filled all of the dips with wood filler.  We laid a hair dryer on its side on the floor near the particularly heavy sections.  It had been our intention to lay the floor that evening, but I didn’t think that was wise since the wood filler hadn’t completely hardened in some places.  The package said that it can take 2 to 8 hours to fully dry.  With that knowledge, I went to bed.

I planned to get up early to do the floor before I went to work.  No dice.  We had a thunderstorm and my dog is a sissy.  He started barking and digging at his crate.  (Yes, we crate them overnight for now.  I don’t like it, but the house doesn’t have enough padding to keep their sounds from carrying and it’s hard to make a dog understand what it’s like to get up at 6, work all day, and not get home until 6.  They tend to think you’re rather silly and continue to scratch or bark or walk around or chew or snore or moan.)  So, I will have to finish the floor laying when I get home.  Luckily, I did start it before I left and realized that I was confused.  So, I called the help line and they walked me through it.  New floor tonight?! 🙂


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