Oh, how time does fly…

My BF and I have been working non-stop on the house to get it in order.  We’ve had the help of some lovely friends throughout the whole process.  Now, it’s crunch time and I’m sweating it.  Other than the floor, we’ve mainly done cleaning.  We painted the master bathroom (the one room that didn’t get any love from the previous owners), repaired the sink (what a mess…), and installed a new cooktop (the hole’s too big and it’s ugly right now).

We have our housewarming on Saturday and there is sooo much to do.  I just made a list and i’m a tad overwhelmed.  We still haven’t finished the move; basically, the entire kitchen is still at my old apartment.  What’s super not helpful is that we are practically broke right now.  Not the “I should probably only get a tall latte instead of a venti today” kind of broke.  The “hmm… maybe I can just put a couple gallons in my tank until my next paycheck and still eat lunch tomorrow” kind of broke. 😦  It won’t be this way for long, but fixing up that house has just drained us both… physically and financially.

Oh, but I do have a smidge of good news.  The BF has officially dropped the “B.”  He’s just an “F” now… as in, FIANCEE!  He proposed on the 5th and I can’t stop looking at the ring.  We’ve set a date in the spring of 2011 so that his sister can save enough money to travel back to The States.  BUT… I’ve already picked out the dress and this means I’ll have all kinds of crafty projects to write about soon enough.

Well, I’ll TTYL!  😀


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