New Blog and Thoughts…

I’m finding myself torn between two worlds right now.  I love high fashion and I love down and dirty housework.  Not everything I wanted to say could fit in the mould of this blog, so I started a new one this morning.  I’ll keep this one about crafts and life at home and things of that nature.  I’ll make the other one about living a high fashion life 0n a less than glamorous budget.  In case you’d like to see it, it’s just a click away. 

I’m feeling kinda home-y today, too.  I want to go home and nest a little and bake a cake and grocery shop and hit up some local produce stands that I’ve been eye-ing for awhile.  I want to work on my Halloween costume and bathe my dogs and smell clean laundry.  I want to paint my nails and put on a clay masque and chase the dogs around the house.  I want to brew a nice cup of tea and settle in and read a good book for a couple hours in the guest room.  I want to host a dinner party for my family or a few close friends.  Does anyone else get like this sometimes or is it just me?  I think I’m 24 going on 84.  haha…


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