Ahh… where does one begin with the story of oneself?  How about we start at the beginning?  And, for me, it seems like right now is a new beginning.  So, we’ll start with now.

I’m a 20 something girl just trying to get by in modern society while maintaining a sense of uniqueness and passion for life.  I’m in love with all things retro but definitely not opposed to the convenience of modern technology.  I’m a quadruple threat, too.  Oh, yeah… that’s right.  I cook, clean, sew, repair, AND work a 9-5.  HAHA…

I just hope that you can walk away from my blog with a laugh or a tad bit of information you might find useful.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment if you have anything to say.  I would love to have your two cents.  After all, every penny counts! 🙂


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