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New Blog and Thoughts…

I’m finding myself torn between two worlds right now.  I love high fashion and I love down and dirty housework.  Not everything I wanted to say could fit in the mould of this blog, so I started a new one this morning.  I’ll keep this one about crafts and life at home and things of that nature.  I’ll make the other one about living a high fashion life 0n a less than glamorous budget.  In case you’d like to see it, it’s just a click away. 

I’m feeling kinda home-y today, too.  I want to go home and nest a little and bake a cake and grocery shop and hit up some local produce stands that I’ve been eye-ing for awhile.  I want to work on my Halloween costume and bathe my dogs and smell clean laundry.  I want to paint my nails and put on a clay masque and chase the dogs around the house.  I want to brew a nice cup of tea and settle in and read a good book for a couple hours in the guest room.  I want to host a dinner party for my family or a few close friends.  Does anyone else get like this sometimes or is it just me?  I think I’m 24 going on 84.  haha…


Giving back…

to myself.  It’s been over a month without a glimpse of the gym or a thought about what I put in my face.  It’s time to start that back up again.  The house is settled and the housewarming is over.  All that’s left is to send “thank you” cards out and prepare for the holidays.  I started logging my information on a website and I’m ready to leap into that challenge.  You bet your sweet bippy that I’ll have some gift and costume info for you soon enough.  I just wanted to pop in and say hello! 🙂

Oh, how time does fly…

My BF and I have been working non-stop on the house to get it in order.  We’ve had the help of some lovely friends throughout the whole process.  Now, it’s crunch time and I’m sweating it.  Other than the floor, we’ve mainly done cleaning.  We painted the master bathroom (the one room that didn’t get any love from the previous owners), repaired the sink (what a mess…), and installed a new cooktop (the hole’s too big and it’s ugly right now).

We have our housewarming on Saturday and there is sooo much to do.  I just made a list and i’m a tad overwhelmed.  We still haven’t finished the move; basically, the entire kitchen is still at my old apartment.  What’s super not helpful is that we are practically broke right now.  Not the “I should probably only get a tall latte instead of a venti today” kind of broke.  The “hmm… maybe I can just put a couple gallons in my tank until my next paycheck and still eat lunch tomorrow” kind of broke. 😦  It won’t be this way for long, but fixing up that house has just drained us both… physically and financially.

Oh, but I do have a smidge of good news.  The BF has officially dropped the “B.”  He’s just an “F” now… as in, FIANCEE!  He proposed on the 5th and I can’t stop looking at the ring.  We’ve set a date in the spring of 2011 so that his sister can save enough money to travel back to The States.  BUT… I’ve already picked out the dress and this means I’ll have all kinds of crafty projects to write about soon enough.

Well, I’ll TTYL!  😀

Say What You Mean And Mean What You Say

With our new home, our lovely prior tenants decided to leave us with a few “friends” and a ton of trash. Through our agents, they asked if we wanted a storage shelf in the garage. Well, duh! haha… I’m a scavenger at heart and I’ll take just about anything I can get my hands on if I think it has any potential to be useful. I laughed and told my boyfriend to tell them that they can leave anything they don’t want to take with them. Apparently, Mr. Everything’s-A-Joke took me literally. AND so did our agent. We got the house with random stuff left all over. Ready for this?

10 gallons of paint – all partially used
about 20 pieces of fencing – some cut
a hurricane lamp
two large boxes of books
a bag of really large clothing
three boxes of honest-to-goodness trash
random 12″x12″ tile
several pieces of corningware
old coffee
a windchime
some dead plants in hanging planters
a broken lawn chair
a broken plastic table
a rusted candle holder
an unused faucet for the bathroom
TONS of toothbrushes that were obviously used
old makeup
roofing material including tar paper
tons of spiders
dead bugs in a sheet hanging from the garage ceiling
a dead baby bird that had definitely been there awhile
mold in the bathrooms
termites and black widows in the woodpile.

HA!  At least I have plenty of stuff to play with.  🙂  I’m sure that I’ll be able to upcycle just about everything they left (minus the dead critters).  Wish me luck!!!

If You Want Something Done Right, You Have To Do It Right

Ahh… moving.  Unless you move into a place specifically built for you and fresh as a daisy, you have NO idea what’s in store for you.  Sure, you go through all the right steps.  You get the appraisal.  You get the inspections.  You walk through it as many times as you have to be 100% that this is the home for you.  The truth is, though, until you get in there and start looking at every inch of the home in all its nakedness, you can’t possibly grasp what you have waiting for you.

So, I made sure to get my boyfriend and I in there EARLY to try to get this stuff cleaned up.  I’m a huge believer in starting with a clean canvas.  A house is only as good as the foundation.  If you take shortcuts to get things done, you wind up doing the work all over again to fix it.

After tackling the floors (pictures to come along with a how-to), we decided to attempt to find white grout in the bathrooms.  We both decided on the bleach and water method.  In an old spray bottle, we mixed bleach and water until it smelled like bleach and sprayed it all over the walls and floor in both bathrooms.  First of all… ouch.  We both walked away with a tad bit of a chemical burn in our sinus passages.  But that’s okay if we get white tiles, right?  Well, that would have been nice.  No dice.  We left the house for about 2 hours while we ate some brunch and shopped for additional supplies.  When we came home, the tile was just as black as it was before.  I bought some cleaning products before and decided to break out the Softscrub with bleach and a scrub brush I had bought ages ago but never used.  VOILA!  We tried it on the floor in the main bath and it was ridiculous how fast it cleaned up.  It just goes to show you that you can’t shortcut cleaning.  If you want something cleaned well, you have to get in there and do it.  We’re only half done with one bathroom, but I can’t wait to finish it.  We bought grout sealant so we can try to protect the grout when we’re all finished.  I PROMISE there will be pics.  The bf goes out of town tomorrow morning so I will have the house to myself… and actually be able to accomplish something.  I will take pictures of our current progress and update you on the surprises that I planned for this week!  Thanks for hanging in there with me!!!

The Most Basic Non-Basic Need

So, we have been in possession of the house for almost exactly 3 days at this point.  (2 days… 23 hours… and 40 minutes to be exact)  The first project was, of course, to replace the locks.  After all, a sense of security is pretty much the most basic of needs… aside from food, water, and air.

It took me two trips to the hardware store, but I managed to acquire enough locks of the same color and have them all keyed the same.  Thinking ahead, I stopped by the super-mega-ridiculous mart and bought a can of bug spray.  I should have just bough a nuclear weapon and we might have been able to call the battle between me and the bugs a fair game.  It was dark when I got to the house since it was already almost 8 and that is “morning calisthenics” time for little spidies.  Luckily, it seems that the creepy crawlies are isolated to the garage.

After unleashing and ENTIRE can of bug killer in a single corner of the garage and smiling at myself for buying dust masks (which are not ideal, but certainly prevent one from passing out from fumes…  I should know), I tackled the outside door to the garage.  We have four doors into the house.  One to the garage from the outside.  One to the house from the garage.  One from the back.  One from the front.  The only one without a deadbolt is the one to the garage from the outside.  I figured that starting simple was probably best.  Turns out that I was terribly wrong.  Someone got creative with the way strike plates are supposed to be attached to walls and decided that it would be best to NAIL it in… Ugh…  So, about 15 minutes of pulling on a nail wore this poor girl out.  I managed to get the knob all replaced and could not have been prouder.  By this point, my friend had shown up (out of curiosity of the house… not to help. haha…) and so had my boyfriend and my friend’s boyfriend.  Somehow, I still ended up replacing all but one door entirely by myself.  Hmm…

My boyfriend DID, however, save us about $50 on a new motor for the range hood in the kitchen by simple luck.  When you turn it on, it goes *whirrrrrr* but doesn’t move.  Being the boy that he is, he decided that he would just touch it and see.  Why does that always work for them and I always break things?!  One little push from his finger and whatever was stuck got unstuck in a hurry.  Voila!  Working exhaust fan and $50 I can spend on something much more fun.  Using the same skill, he also fixed most of the solar lights that they had along the sidewalk.  Turns out that the batteries were just loose.  HAHA.

I wish I had pictures of all of this, but I don’t.  I was so frustrated, hot and tired that the idea of picking up my camera didn’t even cross my mind.  Besides, new knobs and a moving exhaust fan just don’t strike me as interesting and artistic.  I PROMISE to have pics of all the demo and reno (renovation… it’s cute cuz it rhymes that way) as we progress.

Love and kisses, ya’ll!

Hello world!

Well, I decided to leave my default post title since that’s just about how I feel.  I’m just chomping at the bit to get out there… start doing things.  What really prompted me to start this was a couple of really awesome ladies.  I’ve followed them for awhile now and read some of their older stuff.  Good stuff, my friends.  Good stuff.  Not only do they keep me in absolute stitches, but they inspire me to think of my life as an experiment in crazy.  In other words, how seemingly nutty can I be and still get away with it?  People look at me like I’ve lost it when I tell them that I want to sew something (heck, I get stares when I say that I have a sewing machine for that matter) or that I can take an old piece of free junk and turn it into something amazing.  With the new direction my life has taken, I can’t wait to see what insanity I can get myself into.

Here’s my life in a nut shell:
My boyfriend and I live together in a “lovely” little apartment with our two dogs, turtle, ten fish, and tadpole.  I craft like the dickens whenever I can get my hands on supplies and he’s a tech geek.  Recently, my landlord and I got into it over the condition of my air conditioning.  She thought that 85 degrees inside at 11 PM was okay and I didn’t.  See where we might have a bit of a falling out?  Looong story (and it is because I’ve told it many many times) short, we decided to buy a house.  After 3 months of searching and tears, we found the cutest 1967 brick ranch home not but a stone’s throw from our current residence.  We close on it Monday.  If you ever wanted to see an excited face, I have one!  BUUUUT it’s a huuuge responsibility and there are plenty of things to keep us busy for awhile.  So, in between repairs and decorating and herding pets, I plan to share life’s little ups and downs.  Hopefully, you’ll be able to take away a little something here and there.  If nothing else, you can just laugh at my follies and think “glad that wasn’t me!”  Ahh… schadenfreude.

Well, the dogs won’t quit running around me and I’m still mega sweaty from the gym.  I guess that means it’s time for me to sign off, shower, and get cracking on my first project for the new house. *does excited dance*